iOS 10 now live to refresh your existing Apple device

iOS 10 now live to refresh your existing Apple device

Days ahead the availability of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple has released iOS 10. This new version is touted to be the “biggest release ever” as it brings a host of new features and refreshes your existing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iOS 10 in India

Apple has released iOS 10 as its latest software version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The iOS 10 update is available for most of the recent Apple models, including the iPhone 5 and above, iPad mini 2, iPad 4 and iPad Air and later and iPod touch 6th generation. This new version will also come pre-installed on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus starting September 16.

How to download

Unlike some recent versions of iOS 9, iOS 10 is nowhere small in size. It comes in a gigabyte package that you can download either over the air or via iTunes.

To download the new software using the OTA method, you just need to visit ‘Software Update’ section from ‘General’ settings menu of your Apple device. You can alternatively update the current iTunes version on your desktop and then connect your device to download the latest iOS.

Users are recommended to back up their devices before installing the update. This can be done through iCloud or via iTunes.

Issues while installing the update

As the size of the new iOS version is quite bigger than most of the previous updates, many users are reporting issues in its installation process. The problems are mainly affecting the devices that are downloading the update over the air.

While none of the devices at TechOne3 labs have resulted in any issues, some users on social media complained about bricking of their iPhones due to a sudden halt in the installation process.

Apple Support recommends users to download iOS 10 using the latest iTunes instead of opting the OTA way.

Also, Apple acknowledged the download issues in a statement and claimed that only “a small number of users” were affected during the very first hour of the update release.

“We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability,” Apple said in the statement released to the media. “The problem was quickly resolved, and we apologise to those customers.”

What’s new

Apple’s iOS 10 brings some of the massive changes to all the compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. There is an upgraded, smarter Siri that can write for you as well as search images and transcribe voicemails. Also, iMessages has been upgraded with several new features.

In addition, the update comes with a preloaded HomeKit app to enable connectivity with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. There are also new versions of Apple News, Maps and Music to enhance your existing experience.

The new iOS update additionally sports some features that remind Android¬†platform. For instance, there is a new lock screen with thicker fonts and bold colors, card-style notifications and “raise to wake” gesture support.

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