iOS 10.1 update enhances iPhone 7 Plus with Portrait Camera mode

iOS 10.1 update enhances iPhone 7 Plus with Portrait Camera mode

Apple today released iOS 10.1 for all its latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Though the new software update is compatible with all the Apple devices that were previously running iOS 10, it specifically enhances the iPhone 7 Plus with a Portrait Camera mode.

The new Portrait mode utilises the dual-lens setup on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to enable a “depth effect” on portrait shots. It maintains the sharpness of subjects in the images while blurring their background.

Originally showcased at the iPhone 7 launch last month, the advanced mode enables bokeh in portrait shots to deliver DSLR camera-like results. It was initially appeared to be marketing gimmick, but the Cupertino giant previewed the effect through the first iOS 10.1 beta a few weeks back and finally provided its finished version via the latest update.

iOS 10.1 update with Portrait camera mode on Phone 7 Plus camera mode

iOS 10.1 update brings Portrait Camera mode to iPhone 7 Plus

Apple hasn’t made the Portrait mode default on the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, the pre-installed camera app asks users to “try the beta” by swiping into the portrait position once the fresh software version is installed. This suggests that the company will keep on improving blurs in shots to deliver the finest shallow depth-of-field results over time.

Overall upgraded experience

In addition to the mode to blur backgrounds, iOS 10.1 update comes with upgraded Camera and Photos, Maps and Messages. The iOS release also brings some tweaks for the Apple Watch. There is distance and average pace within workout summaries in the Activity app as well as fixes for music playlists, activity sharing and text inputs.

iOS 101. update

iOS 10.1 update upgrades entire iOS 10 devices

The newest iOS update also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements to deliver an improved experience across all its compatible devices. While some changes are mainly designed for the iPhone 7, most of them are general refinements.

You can download iOS 10.1 update on your Apple device by visiting ‘Software Update’ from ‘General’ settings menu. The update is sized around 204MB and requires at least 50 percent charge to extract all the latest features.

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