Intel ends motherboard production, continues to be in processors world

Intel ends motherboard production, continues to be in processors world

Intel, one of the renowned manufacturer in desktop processors lineup, stops motherboard production for the next 3 years. According to a recent report by AnandTech, the renowned chip manufacturer is stepping down from its own desktop motherboard business. And the company will not manufacture their own desktop motherboards as mITX/mATX/ATX series after the year 2013.

Intel Motherboards

Intel ending their desktop motherboard production

Of course the report surprises that the chip giant is no more in the desktop motherboard business, however, the company will continues the production and supply of desktop chipsets for third-party manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte and some other manufacturers. But the report confirms that the production of Intel’s own branded desktop motherboards will no longer take place for over 3 years.

On the other part, Intel will continue the manufacturing of their own Form Factor Reference designs (FFRDs) for Ultrabooks and tablets. In such designs Intel only have Atom as a brand name to be in the market and continuing the same will help in growing their business in the mobile computing.

Although, Intel will not produce and supply any desktop motherboards but the group within Intel responsible for building reference designs will continue operations and supplies of reference designs to all the Intel partners. This means, the stopping of motherboards manufacturing will not effect on the desktop computing markets and even some Intel partners will use the motherboards in their desktops as well.

Intel is all set to introduce a new lineup in their processors series, the lineup is to be named as Haswell, as per the leak reports, under this brand name, the company will produce the Core i5 and the Core i7 chips for the computing devices. The Haswell processors lineup will be the newest lineup by the chip giant, uses 22-nanometer process with 3D ‘tri-gate’ transistors for enhanced performance than the predecessors. The lineup will have 14 new CPUs with an all new CPU socket, the LGA1150.

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