Intel acquires Israel’s Replay Technologies to build new VR experiences

Intel acquires Israel’s Replay Technologies to build new VR experiences

Intel has formally announced that it has acquired Israeli company Replay Technologies. The new acquisition will help the chip maker grow its presence in the emerging world of virtual reality (VR) and will enable new advancements for developing 360-degree content.

Tel Aviv, Israel-headquartered Replay Technologies developed a freeD format that provided “free dimensional” experience at the recently held NBA All-Star Weekend. The technology was powered by Intel-based servers and deployed around the arena using 28 UHD cameras.

Intel Replay Technologies VR

Intel to upgrade Replay Technologies’ freeD format

Intel is aiming to use Replay resources to uplift the computer-intensive freeD format. This would, however, be expanded to new areas other than sports.

“Together, we will scale this new category for sports entertainment that we call immersive sports, which is attracting the attention of leagues, venues, broadcasters and fans,” Wendell Brooks, senior vice president, Intel Corporation, said in a blog post.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed by both the companies. However, Israeli news publication Globes reports that the deal was finalised at $175 million.

The Replay team will join Intel to build new VR experiences over its freeD format. Also, the chip maker will help the Israeli company develop new features such as editing and manipulating existing content.

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