InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV review: Giant yet affordable

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV review: Giant yet affordable


4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Picture quality
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.3 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Large-screen experience
    Splendid color reproduction
    USB playback support
    Content upscale
    Easy installation
    Slim design

  • Cons:

    Single USB port
    Plastic build

  • Conclusion:

    The InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV is just perfect if you want a giant-size screen in your living room at an affordable price. It has all good things to entertain you with a decent experience.

Those days are gone when television sets were just idiot box. Television has now been transformed. And with this transformation, the original CRT TV sets are now vintage. LED TVs are now available at quite low prices to replace your existing CRT panels. Companies like Micromax and Vu already have their entry-level LED TV models in India. But US-based InFocus recently launched its “King Size” LED TVs in the country to disrupt the market. The new range of InFocus LED TVs comes in 32-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch models.

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV

We got the InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV model to test its capabilities last month. So here is our in-depth review.

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV

What’s in the Box

The InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV is available in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs. 34,999. With this price, it comes bundled with a remote controller, user’s guide, wall mount and a warranty card.

InFocus is set to take on the competition by offering its free demo at home service. This means that the company will provide you a free demonstration at your doorstep even before you agree to buy its TV. Also, the large-size LED panel comes with a free installation.


Low-cost LED TVs often have an inferior design. But InFocus has partnered with Foxconn to deliver not just large-screen experience but also an impressive design to persuade consumers at the very first glimpse.

The 50-inch LED TV by InFocus has thin bezels on the front with glossy, piano black finish. On the bottom, the TV has an InFocus logo at the centre. There is an infrared sensor along with an LED indicator light on the bottom-left panel, while physical controls are available on the right.

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV review

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV features thin-bezel design

In terms of physical controls, there is power, input and menu keys as well as channel up and channel down and volume up and volume down buttons.

The back side of the InFocus 50-inch LED TV has a connectivity panel. It has composite video and stereo audio output and a USB port on the side. And on the bottom, there is a 3.5mm jack, two HDMI ports, VGA port, PC audio in and a TV antenna socket.

InFocus has provided two commonly used installation options for the 50-inch II-50EA800 LED TV. You can either keep the TV set on its stands or opt for a wall mount installation. In any of the two cases, the TV doesn’t affect your viewing experience, thanks to its slim design.

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV

InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV with stands and wall mount option

The InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV has 664.1mm height, 1132.8mm width and 94mm thickness. It weighs nearly 12 kilograms, which is lighter than most of the other 50-inch LED TV models.

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