HTC One variant with Windows Phone 8 purportedly in works

HTC One variant with Windows Phone 8 purportedly in works

HTC wants to grab some market shares with the flagship HTC One smartphone. Now the Taiwanese manufacturer purportedly working on an HTC One variant with Windows Phone 8 platform.


HTC One-like Windows Phone 8 smartphone in works?

According to a report by, HTC is currently working on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone which has similar looks of the flagship HTC One. However, the upcoming Windows Phone 8 would not have same HTC One looks but some design elements are influenced by the flagship smartphone.

As per the buzz, the upcoming smartphone will have a 4-5 inches display with a speculation of 1080p (full-HD) resolution. On the similar part with HTC One, the Windows Phone 8 running smartphone is rumoured to have a metallic body, Beats Audio integration and the smartphone will have GDR 3 update for Windows Phone 8. The source believed that HTC will use an Ultrapixel sensor on the purported Windows Phone 8 smartphone and there will be a quad-core processor.

HTC earlier unveiled HTC Windows Phone 8S and 8X smartphones with Windows Phone 8 platform. It is quite interesting that the company is rumoured with a new HTC One-like smartphone with Windows Phone 8 platform but currently there is no authenticate detail available to prove the report. The source is believing that HTC will unveil the smartphone later this year, till then just take it as a pinch of salt.

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