HTC One supply would delay due to shortage of components

If you are waiting for the new HTC One, then you might have to wait long as some sources suggested that due to the shortage in the availability of the core components, the supply of HTC One might suffer. According to some Industrial sources, the Taiwanese manufacturer is not able to manufacture adequate ‘Ultrapixel’ camera modules for the HTC One units which would result a shortage in supply during the near future.



The voice coil motor (VCM) and the compact camera module (CCM) are the major components used for Ultrapixel camera unit, which are not available in the adequate quantity. Due to the lesser quantity of the components, according to an analyst, the yielding rates manufacturing the camera components are lower than the assumption. As a result, it is estimated that HTC might ship only 800,000 to 1.2 million units of the HTC One in the global market, during the next couple of months.

As we all know, the Ultrapixel camera of the HTC One is the major point of attraction for the end-consumers and the unique camera feature was also expected to rise the overall sales of the manufacturer, which were declined from past months. But due to the lesser availability of the camera components, it seems that the Ultrapixel concept is, on the contrary, going to reduce the position of the manufacturer against the major competitors.

In western markets, HTC is all set to launch the HTC One on March 15th and as per the company’s statement revealed during a press event in New Delhi, the smartphone will be launched in the Indian market anytime in the month of April. But the manufacturer nevertheless expected to make the smartphone available at all the major markets timely due to less inventory.


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