How to easily commute under odd-even rule in Delhi

How to easily commute under odd-even rule in Delhi

The Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is all set to impose odd-even rule in Delhi. The rule will be tested for 15 days starting Friday to curb pollution and to limit ever-growing traffic from roads in the New Year. But commuters may face some difficulties as they will not be allowed to use their cars each day to travel from one location to other. Therefore, we are here providing you some ways to let you easily commute under the odd-even rule in the capital city.

Ways to easily commute under odd-even rule in Delhi

Before starting with the ways, you must be known to the fact that the odd-even rule is not applicable to CNG-driven vehicles. This means that if you own a CNG car, which uses compressed natural gas (CNG) as the primary fuel, you can commute across the capital without any fear. Furthermore, the cars that have a battery-powered engine, hybrid vehicles and two-wheelers are also exempted.

odd-even rule in Delhi

Ways to easily commute under odd-even rule in Delhi

Use Twitter to get information on the availability of public transport

The Delhi government has partnered with Twitter to assist commuters during the implementation of the new rationing rule. You can follow the Transport Department through @TransportDelhi handle on the microblogging network to receive information on the availability of public transport in a real time. Also, you can use #PollutionFreeDelhi hashtag on Twitter followed by your departure and destination point to receive push notifications on the availability of busses and metro trains pertaining to that areas.

You can alternatively send your location details to the Transport Department through a direct message if you don’t want to publicise any of your journey. In addition, there is also an option to notify the department about any location which is yet to be added to the database.

Download PoochhO app to hire auto rickshaw or taxi

Apart from partnering with Twitter, the state government is claiming to have added around 25,000 auto drivers to its PoochhO app. This means that you’ll simply need to download PoochhO app to hire an auto rickshaw or taxi. The app is available for free download on Android and the link to the Play Store can be received by giving a missed call on 9294-300-7040.

Find you partner commuter through a dedicated OddEven site

A 13-year-old student has developed an unofficial OddEven site that lets you find your partner commuter for carpooling. The site requires your details such as name, age, mobile number, car type and journey time to provide you the best matches. You can also search for commuters who own odd or even cars around your place.

Find the cheapest and nearest cabs in your location through Voodoo app

Voodoo app provides you an easy way to find the cheapest and nearest cabs in your location. It searches cabs running on Uber and Ola services and delivers you a unified platform from where you can track surge on different cab services.

Use carpooling through UberPool service or pool your private car through OlaCabs app

If you want to commute through a cab but don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on an individual one, you can use UberPool service. This allows you to partner a cab with some other commuters who are planning to move to a location that surrounds your destination. Alternatively, Uber’s rival and Indian cab service Ola provides you an option pool your private car with other Ola users. You simply need to use OlaCabs app to start carpooling through your own car.

Download Delhi Public Transport Offline and Delhi Metro Rail apps to track public transport

Although cabs are likely to be highly benefited through the odd-even rule, public transport, including DTC busses and Delhi Metro, would receive the most number of commuters. Google already designed offline version of Google Maps with Delhi Public Transport integration to provide you DTC bus and Delhi Metro directions and timetables, without even requiring an active internet connection. You can also download Delhi Metro Rail app to find information on the Metro services at your location. The app additionally shows you the nearest metro station from your current place.

Ask for a lift using FrndiNeed app

If cab or public transport is not your choice but you want to get back to your home location, you can ask one of your nearby friends for a lift using FrndiNeed app. The app works a social platform and utilises your current location to provide you a lift directly from its network. You just need make a phone call or send a text message to get the lift.

So these are the ways that will provide you an ease during odd-even days in Delhi. These would hopefully make the rule successful and would ultimately help curbing pollution and traffic from India’s capital.

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