How to add multiple accounts on Instagram app

How to add multiple accounts on Instagram app

Instagram earlier today announced that it has started rolling out multiple accounts support. The new addition is included on Instagram version 7.15 for Android and iOS, and here we are providing some easy steps to let you add multiple accounts of yours.

multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram now with multiple accounts support

How to add multiple Instagram accounts

Step 1 – Go to your profile from the latest version of Instagram app and then tap the settings gear icon or menu button from the top right.

Step 2 – Now scroll down and hit ‘Add Account’ option. After that, enter the username and password of the account that you’d like to add.

You can delete any of the previously added account by selecting ‘Log out of [username]’ or ‘Log out of All Accounts’ option from the settings menu.

How to switch between multiple accounts

Step 1 – Visit your profile from the latest Instagram app.

Step 2 – Now select one of the usernames that you want to add from the top of the screen.

You can add up to five different accounts using the new support on the Instagram app. Also, you can receive push notifications from the accounts that you’ve added by turning them on.

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