How 3D Touch works on Apple iPhone 6s

How 3D Touch works on Apple iPhone 6s

Apple on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch technology. The technology was debuted on the Apple Watch and was also featured on the new MacBook as Force Touch. It is claimed to be the “next generation of multi-touch” that uses a combination of hardware and software to give a new touch experience. You might be eager to know that how Apple’s 3D Touch exactly works on the iPhone 6s. So here is our detailed post.

3D Touch by Apple on the iPhone 6s is just a tweaked version of Force Touch technology that it provided on the Apple Watch. This brings “an entirely new interaction” to mobile devices using a combination of particular hardware and software. Moreover, it enables gesture support on the display panel and there are Peek and Pop as the two initial gestures.

3D Touch on Apple iPhone 6s

3D Touch on Apple iPhone 6s with Peek and Pop gestures

Apple says that there are capacitive sensors integrated into the backlight of the Retina display to enable 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. These sensors have the capabilities to detect the amount of pressure with an aim to offer an all-new touch experience. The company claims that the sensors measure “microscopic changes” in the distance between the glass protection and the backlight of the display to measure the pressure.

Once the sensors measure the pressure on the display panel, these measurements are then combined with signals from the digitizer (touch sensor) and accelerometer that gives a way to the software, which is iOS 9 in this case, to deliver the new touch experience.

3D Touch technology

Hardware to enable 3D Touch technology on iPhone 6s

To give a smoother tactility and an improved haptic feedback, Apple has additionally improved the Taptic engine on the iPhone 6s. This makes the vibrations on tapping more accurate and precise. For instance, vibration from a mini tap on the iPhone 6s lasts for 10 milliseconds, while from a large full tap lasts for 15 milliseconds.

Apart from the tweaks on the hardware front, Apple has improved the software of the iPhone 6s to fully enable its 3D Touch. You can now use Peek and Pop gestures, similar to Air Command on Samsung Galaxy Note series phablets, to preview content on the screen with a soft press or to open the content with a hard press.

iOS 9 itself allows you to view contextual-style menus directly from the home screen icons using 3D Touch technology. Also, there are certain pre-installed apps that support the new technology by default, such as Camera, Maps and Notes among others.

Watch video showing how 3D Touch works on Apple iPhone 6s:

3D Touch appears to bring a new era of touch support on smartphones. Though it is presently limited to the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it would be available on Android devices in the coming future to take the existing multi-touch support to an all-new level.

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