Hon Hai unveils iPhone-compatible smartwatch

Hon Hai unveils iPhone-compatible smartwatch

Hon Hai (popularly known as Foxconn), the main name behind Apple iPhone and iPad devices, has recently unveiled its iPhone-compatible smartwatch. While Apple is in reports for its upcoming iWatch, the Taiwanese concern has stepped up in the wearable technology world and introduced its smartwatch on Wednesday.

Hon Hai smartwatch

Hon Hai’s iPhone-compatible smartwatch (Image:WantChinaTimes)

Speaking to the shareholders, Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said;

“With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch.”

According to a report by WantChinaTimes, the smartwatch by Hon Hai is designed to measure respiration and heartbeat of the users. The smartwatch also give suggestions to the user on improving health, in case the measured results are not in the optimal range. The all new Hon Hai smartwatch also alerts users at the time of voice calls and also notifies for new updates from social networks including Facebook.

Gou has revealed that the wireless communications and medical research groups of the company are also planning to add biometric technology in the smartwatch to makes it smarter enough to identify fingerprints and some other features to record personal health data, reports news source.

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