Google to sell Google Glass for consumers by the end of year 2013

Google to sell Google Glass for consumers by the end of year 2013

Google Glass is one of the most innovative gadget but the Glass project led by Google is still under development. The Search giant has started taking pre-orders for the ‘Explorer’ version of the Glass in the last year and the shipment is expected to be at earlier part of the year 2013. But Google Glass is also expected to reach the mass market for the end-consumers by the end of the present year. According to a recent report by the Verge, Google is aiming to sell the ‘fully-polished’ version of the Google Glass for end-consumers by the end of the year 2013. The pricing is likely to be less than $1,500 (less than Rs.81K approx.) while the ‘Explorer’ version is priced at $1,500.

Google Glass

Google Glass is coming!

Though the final pricing and availability is yet to be announced officially by the concern but the Google Glass is at last expected to reach the mass market in the present year. The Google Glass project is one of the most buzzed project and Google has put their undoubted efforts for making it useable in the real-life. The project was came into light in summer season of last year and from then, many videos and reports started chanting the features of the Google Glass.

The Google Glass is an augmented reality device with a couple of impressive features. It is a wearable device, just as any spectacles and shows on-screen information and directions. The device is voice-controlled and users can get information about current temperature, location, time and moreover it also navigate and locate places according to the commands. The Google Glass is also capable of taking live pictures, videos and also performs video conference within a social network.

Google Glass Promo Video:

Google has recently published a new video of showing some innovative features of the upcoming Google Glass. The video shows the user interface of the Google Glass and its features incline any viewer just from the first sight. There is no official information on the part of the operating system and the device will work as a standalone device or as a complimentary with other Android devices, this part is still not clear. But Google will of course show some more details in the near future, till then watch and enjoy the promo video of the Google Glass.

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