Google Talk becomes buggy, sending messages to unintended recipients

Google team is facing an issue with Google Talk instant messaging service. With the occurrence of a bug, Google Talk dreadfully started sending messages to unintended recipients. A similar issue is also reported by some users of Google Hangouts service.

Google Talk bug

Several users started complaining about Google Talk bug earlier today on Google Product forums. The issue appeared to be a bug at the server-side which wrongly send messages to unintended contacts. As per the issue raised by some users, the bug seems to be more affected for the users who are using Google Talk but some users using the Hangouts are also started reporting about the same.

Google has acknowledged the bug through its App Status Dashboard page and initially stated that it is “investigating reports of an issue with Google Talk. The search giant later confirms that currently “Google Talk is not functioning correctly and it’s team is continuing to work to restore full functionality.”

As Google team is started working on the issue, the bug is likely to be removed in a short span, till then we recommend are readers pause their operations on Google Talk and Hangouts.

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