Google Street View now gets Eiffel Tower views

Interested in visiting Paris to view one of the world’s highest monument, Eiffel Tower? Now Google has provided full view of Eiffel Tower right on its Street View. After Burj Khalifa, people can now visit Eiffel Tower, not by visiting Paris, instead by visiting Google Street View.

Eiffel Tower in Google Street View

Eiffel Tower view in Google Street View

Google Cultural Institute and the Eiffel Tower Operating Company partnered together to capture live views from the historic monument Eiffel Tower which was constructed in 1889. According to some statistics, over 250 million people have visited Eiffel Tower in Paris and the monument was world’s highest monument for more than 40 years.

On expressing the joy of covering the spectacular vision and the detailed architectural capabilities of Eiffel Tower in Google Street View, Mark Yoshitake, Head of Product & User Experience, Google Cultural Institute said;

“It’s been awe-inspiring to get to see the spectacular vision and the detailed architectural capabilities exemplified by the plans more than 100 years ago. It required tremendous knowledge of special planning and physics to ensure that 18,000 separately made pieces would come together as one.”

Google’s Street View team followed the footsteps of 7 million annual visitors and ascended multiple floors of the Tower. The team has captured several 360 degree panoramic pictures of the Tower and also added 50 archival images, plans, engravings and photos which cites the history Eiffel Tower’s development along with the social impact in late 19th century.

In the new Explore feature, Google Cultural Institute team has also added some archive material including the recording of Gustave Eiffel’s voice by Thomas Edison and more.

View Eiffel Tower at home through Google Street View:

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