Google Search updates with enhanced word definitions

Google Search will now offer enhanced definitions as Google today updated its search with enhanced word definitions. With enhanced definitions, Google Search offers synonyms, sample sentences and even translation of any searched word.

Google Search

Google Search now gets enhanced word definitions

Google added word definitions within Google Search few months back. Undoubtedly Google Search is the renowned search engine and the addition of definitions enlightens the searching ability to the peak. With the new update, Google Search now moves to a step future and provides a whole new information about the searched word with its synonyms, antonyms and sample sentences. Users can also take a look at the time from when the searched word came into its existence.

Google word definition

Enhanced word definitions within Google Search

The enhanced word definitions within Google Search are now also work with voice queries. Users can now tap on the microphone, situated at the right-most side of the search bar, to get word definitions. The enhanced definition support also provides translation of searched text in over 60 languages. Lastly, the new word definitions also shows the origin of the searched word.

The updated Google Search with enhanced word definitions is started rolling out in US region with English language on desktop and mobile. Soon the improved definition feature will also be available in other regions as well.

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