Google Search to now show content directly from iOS apps

Google Search to now show content directly from iOS apps

Almost a year after introducing App Indexing for Android apps, Google Search has now been updated to start showing content directly from iOS apps. The new update allows iOS developers to make their apps available through search results to get more focus.

Google’s Eli Wald in a blog post says that indexed links from “an initial group of apps” will start be appearing on iOS in search results through Google App as well as Google Chrome web browser for signed-in users global in the coming weeks.

Google Search iOS app results

Google Search starts showing content from iOS apps

The process is currently in pipeline and app content will start be surfacing on search results in phases. Developers who want to make their iOS app content to be available in search results need to follow certain guidelines. They need to add deep linking support to their apps, make it possible to return to search results with one tap and provide deep link annotations.

Developers can also connect with Google team and fill up an interest form by visiting here.

Google originally brought App Indexing feature for developers back in 2013. However, it came in light after the success of mobile apps on Android platform.

Apart from its App Indexing, Google Search got an update last month that started letting Android users to download new apps directly from search results.

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