Google reportedly working on a smart wristwatch, gaming console and Nexus Q: WSJ

Google reportedly working on a smart wristwatch, gaming console and Nexus Q: WSJ

Google is busy developing and testing the upcoming Android version, believed as Key Lime Pie but in parallel to the new platform, the search giant also focusing on a smart wristwatch, a video gaming console and Nexus Q, reports WallStreetJournal (WSJ).

Google new innovations

Google new innovations including smartwatch and gaming console coming soon!

According to the news report, Google is working on a video gaming console to compete the latest Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. The search wants to grab shares from the gamers and the console would run on Android operating system. Next innovation by the search giant is coming up in the avenue of digital wristwatches. The news report revealed that Google is working on a digital wristwatch which would be a smartwatch along with some identical smartphone features to compete the upcoming Apple’s iWatch and Microsoft smartwatch.

Lastly, Google is now taking a step back into the world of home entertainment and reportedly planning to reintroduce the Nexus Q device. The Nexus Q device was unveiled last year but it was not gain enough popularity from the tech world which results a fall-down in its initial stage itself. But now the search giant would add some improvements and unveiled the new Nexus Q device. According to the news report, the Nexus Q device will be used to play multimedia contents on large displays.

However, the news source has not disclose any detail on the launching schedule of the reported devices but still we speculate that Google will soon take an appropriate step to introduce its new innovations. Google’s main weapon in the smartphones arena, Android Key Lime Pie is reportedly coming this fall which certainly suggests that the company will announce other devices soon thereafter.

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