Google Play Books now support ‘Read aloud’ feature along with several new tweaks

Google Play Books are all-time favorite app for studious Android users, the app also entertains all the book-worms and now the app is going to be more favorite for all as now it supports ‘Read aloud’ feature. Yes, now the Play Books app support a new feature to speak the matter on the ebooks, actually uses text-to-speech technology.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

After Amazon introduces text-to-speech capability in the Kindle, Google comes up to be more smarter and named the feature as ‘Read aloud’. As it is a technology, a computer generated voice speaks all the words, however, speed of speaking is better than the one found on the Kindle and of course, voice quality is much enhanced than all the other text-to-speech engines.

By default, the app speaks at a low quality voice which is good enough for the ears but in any case users can set the quality high as well by going through the Settings. As the app uses data connectivity to speak the text, users must have an unlimited or we suggest a Wi-Fi connectivity otherwise the feature loads on the pocket of course.

Besides the ‘Read aloud’ feature, Google also added several new tweaks. The new updated app also supports pinch-zoom and double-tap-zoom in all books. Google additionally added text edit features for notes and several bug fixes along with a number of performance enhancements. All the personalized recommendations are now shown at the end of the library and at the end of the books. Users can download the new updated Google Play Books by visiting Google Play Store.

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