Google Photos now eases editing of your existing memories

Google Photos now eases editing of your existing memories

Of course, you couldn’t go back and refine your past. But Google Photos has received a new update to facilitate editing of existing memories that you’ve stored on your Google account.

The first and foremost editing option that Google Photos have got is the new aspect ratio selector. This new tool allows you to crop your images to an exact ratio. You can choose from original, square, 16:9 and 4:3. Also, there is ‘Flip’ option to flip your photos.

Google Photos editing update

Google Photos now with enhanced editing options

Apart from the cropping options, the updated Google Photos automatically saves your edits to deliver you a faster and reliable solution for editing your images. You can hit ‘Done’ button to replace your original image with the edited one. Alternatively, Google has provided a ‘Revert to Original’ button that lets you undo the edit.

The arrival of new editing options doesn’t mean that Google Photos previously had nothing to improve your images. It allowed to adjust the brightness and color amount on your shots as well as came with some predefined filters. Additionally, you were provided with standard crop and rotate tools.

You can presently experience the new features on the Web. However, they’ll soon be available on Google Photos app for Android and iOS as well.

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