Google goes off for 5-minutes which causes huge drop in web traffic

Google goes off for 5-minutes which causes huge drop in web traffic

Google is undoubtedly the king in the Internet world but the search giant was in dark for few minutes. Google services was down for 5-minutes and this downtime caused a huge drop in worldwide web traffic. The outage was recorded between around 4:20 AM to 4:27 AM IST today. Though it is just for the short span of time but due to the heavy dependency on Google services across global Internet users, this outage was noticed by several users.

Google outage

Google outage for 5-minutes causes huge drop in web traffic

All the popular Google services including Gmail, GTalk, Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube and Blogger were appeared to be down during the outage. Google has not yet announced the reason for outage but acknowledged through its Apps Status Dashboard. Google has also announced that the outage is now resolved completely and its services are now live across the world without any issue.

Several users on the micro-blogging network Twitter have reported about the outage at the real-time. Users have reported that they were not able to use any of the Google service at the time of outage. Due to the downtime, the renowned search engine was also in dark for the recorded 5-minutes.

Google downtime

Google downtime resulted 40 percent drop in global web traffic (Graphical representation: GoSquared)

According to analytics firm GoSquared, Google services were down for 5-minutes but this downtime caused 40 percent drop of web traffic. The firm revealed about the drop of web traffic in a blog post and said;

“ was down for a few minutes between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on 16th August 2013. This had a huge effect in the number of pageviews coming into GoSquared’s real-time tracking – around a 40% drop, as this graph of our global pageviews per minute shows.”

However, Microsoft’s Bing and some other search engines were live at the time of Google outage but still due to the global dependency on Google rather than other concerns outage resulted huge drop in web traffic.

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