Google Nexus 5 review: Simple Sober flagship

Google Nexus 5 review: Simple Sober flagship


Android has become the widely known operating system across all the smartphones these days. With a large variety of options from low-end range to premium segment, Android smartphones are just flooded in the market. In such market, Google unveil its flagship Nexus every year to get on the peak. This time, as the market has a large number of massive display featuring smartphones, Google unveiled its Nexus 5, which is originally manufactured by LG, with an impressive display as well as a large list of high-end specifications. On the most interesting point, even with high-end specifications, the pricing of Google Nexus 5 is its another aspect which has influenced us to cover an in-depth review. So without applauding in the beginning, let’s get deeper into the Nexus 5 and take a note on all its pros and cons.

Google Nexus 5 review

Google Nexus 5

What’s in the Box

Google Nexus 5 is a high-end smartphone, though it is considerably cheaper than other high-end smartphones, so the retail box does not have a number of contents to persuade the customers. Similar to the Nexus 7 2013, the retail box of the Nexus 5 is designed with simplicity, in a cyan theme.

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 with box contents

Apart from the retail box itself, the contents of the box are also quite simple, but less in numbers. There are just three major contents that are available inside the retail box of Google Nexus 5 – an AC charger, USB-to-microUSB data cable and a headset. Besides, the retail box has a quick start guide, warranty card and a SIM eject tool.

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    Google Nexus 5 is really the best Android phone! Thanks for the review.