Google mobile search now becomes faster, added a new ‘Quick view’ feature

Google always tried to make the searching more easier and faster, now the search giant has made some changes for the mobile users with new additions in the Google mobile search. Google’s software engineers, Hiroshi Mizuno and Alex Fischer has stated in a blog post that the new additions will make the mobile search faster and easier to use.

Google search

Google mobile search improves!

Google has now added some new tweaks to reduce the searching time for any query, the first feature in the aspect is the addition of quick links below the search results. These quick links come up just below the search results which allow users to simply go through the desired web links even without opening up the complete website. For multiple links, Google has also added an option to expand the links which opens up the list of links as well on the same screen. The new feature actually creates link sections below a search result which gives a quick access to certain sections of a website.

Google mobile search

Google mobile search with quick links

The search giant has also added a new feature as ‘Quick view’ which provides a blue-colored badge next to some search results. Tapping on the badge, opens up a result from Wikipedia, in the form of a card. With this addition, the search time reduced and search results through Wikipedia listing loads faster.

Google mobile search

Google mobile search with ‘Quick view’ feature

Right now, Google is testing the new Quick view feature and it is currently enabled for pages from Wikipedia only. However, the new feature is also in pipeline for some additional websites as well.

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