Google Maps now in Hindi

Google Maps now in Hindi

Google today announced that it has pleased its Indian users with announcing the release of Google Maps in Hindi. With the new support, users will be able to select Hindi as a language on Google Maps for Android and desktop. The search giant is also in development to offer voice navigation in Hindi though its availability is yet to be revealed.

The addition of Hindi language in Google Maps will help 400 million Hindi speakers as it will start rolling out Hindi translation for cities, important roads, places and locations.

On announcing the new move to provide Google Maps in Hindi, Suren Ruhela, Director Product and Program Management, Google, said:

“By launching Google Maps in Hindi today, hopefully Indians can explore and navigate the world around them more easily, whether these are people who already use Maps to find their way around day-to-day or Hindi-speakers coming online for the first time.”

Users are required to set Hindi as their preferred language to get Google Maps in Hindi. While users on Android devices need to go through Settings > Language and Input to change their language preference, desktop users have to change their language preference through Google account or by selecting Hindi language from the bottom of Google India homepage.

As an initial development, Hindi language is available on Google Maps for Android devices running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above and is accessible through desktops. Google is, however, planning to release the same support for iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices as well.

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