Google Maps to soon get multiple destinations support on mobile devices

Google Maps to soon get multiple destinations support on mobile devices

Google is apparently set to enhance your navigation experience with the new Google Maps update. The mapping service will now soon let you add multiple destinations to get directions for not just one place but some different stops at the time of your journey.

As spotted by Android Police, the latest build of Google Maps on Android (version 9.21) already has some tweaks to enable multiple destination support. But the functionality to add more than one stop during navigation is likely to be available after a server-side change.

With the new change, Google Maps will allow you to add different places top stop during your journey. This means that you won’t just have point A and B but a point C too. Additionally, the mapping app will provide you total trip time that will include the estimated time from point A to C.

Google Maps multiple destinations

Google Maps with point A, B and C to enable multiple destinations support (Image: Android Police)

Adding multiple destinations isn’t a new thing for Google. You can presently add different stops for a particular trip while finding directions on the desktop version of Google Maps. But indeed, an extensive navigation support on mobile devices is the need of the hour.

The new change will take Google Maps to new levels as Apple Maps and Bing Maps are yet to provide a similar feature on their apps. Also, this would give you another reason to use Google Maps on an iOS device as Apple’s platform is quite expected to be the next operating system after Android.

Earlier this year, Google Maps on Android received an update with ‘Driving Mode’ as a shortcut. That feature brought traffic updates directly to the homescreen on compatible Android devices.

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