Google launches Project Fi to become carrier, but currently exclusive to US

Google launches Project Fi to become carrier, but currently exclusive to US

Following some rumours, Google has finally launched its Project Fi service on a move to become a carrier. The service is so far exclusive to Nexus 6 users in the US.

Google’s Project Fi service does not provides a mobile network, but instead operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the region and uses the networks provided by Sprint and T-Mobile.  Through this partnership, the service can provide Wi-Fi as well as high-speed 4G LTE networks to Nexus 6 users.

Providing multiple network connectivity lets users seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. In addition, the service has 3G and 2G access for the locations where 4G coverage is yet to be arrived. All this means that users will get a full-fledged network connectivity on their Nexus 6 smartphones through the new service.

Google claims that Project Fi is designed to help securing users data through encryption and phone numbers under the service live in the cloud to enable calling and texting to any phone, tablet or laptop across the globe.

“Project Fi takes a fresh approach to how you pay for wireless, manage your service, and get in touch when you need help. We offer one simple plan at one price with 24/7 support,” Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products at Google said in a blog post.

Users can get the basic plan of Google’s Project Fi at $20 month in which it offers voice calling, text, Wi-Fi tethering and international coverage of over 120 countries. For data, users have to spend additional $10 per GB in the US and abroad.

The service also let users buy a Nexus 6 on a 24-month installment plan with payment options including $27.04 for the 32GB model and $29.12 for the 64GB one.

Google is offering the Project Fi with a free SIM card on invite basis. This means that users first need to request for an invite on Project Fi’s site and only then they can start experience the new service on their Nexus 6.

Although it may support other devices sometime in the future, Google mentions that it will only support the Nexus 6 during the Project Fi’s early access program as this smartphone has the technology “to support multiple cellular networks” on a single SIM card.

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