Google Hangouts updated with new features for low bandwidth

Google Hangouts updated with new features for low bandwidth

Google Hangouts is one of the popular source of video conferencing and users around the world also use the Hangouts feature to video chat with their loved ones. But on the other side, a large number of people unable to use the Hangouts feature since it requires a stable internet connection with high bandwidth. Google is now improving the Hangouts feature with inputs to use even in the low bandwidth as well.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts with audio-only mode

Recently, Tim Blasi of Google stated that the company has updated the Hangouts with two new features to improve the experience in the low-speed internet connectivity areas. The first feature in the series is the Bandwidth Slider. Until now, users have to suffer with a low-speed internet connectivity while chatting with other persons using the Hangouts. But now users have an option to adjust the bandwidth preferences in real-time using the slider.

The second input in the Hangouts is the Audio-only mode, this new feature allow users to participate in the conversation with only audio. Participants can only see the profile pictures of each other and conversation will go with audio. This new input will help in all the areas where the internet connectivity has low-bandwidth comparing to the other areas.

Both of these features will available from today As the features are rolling out, the time of availability may vary from regions to regions.

Recently Google India has also introduces Google+ Hangouts for the Gmail users in the country. With Google+ Hangouts in Gmail, up to 9 users can involve in a conversation and additionally, there is also an option to share screen, YouTube videos and documents with the friends using Hangouts.

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