Google Glass coming, Explorer Edition reaches at FCC

Google is working on the finalization of the renowned project, the Glass project, which already gains enormous buzzes and the wearable computing project will make the life totally change with a new input of glass in front of the eyes. Interestingly, the first developer version of Google Glass, the Explorer Edition recently reached at FCC under the FCC ID A4R-X1.

Google Glass

Google Glass is coming!

According to the report submitted at FCC, Google Glass will have Broadcom 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g WiFi radio and there is a Bluetooth 4.0 + LE module as well. For making audio output, Engadget states that Google uses an ‘integral vibrating element’ which produces sound by making a contact with the user’s head, through bones. The concept of producing sound and make the user hear that sound, is new and innovative, it is also expected that Google will use some kind of bone conductive audio out which send sound-waves through bones, rather than using any simple earphone or headphone for such purpose.

Google Glass

Google Glass Project

A question here arise that why Google will use a bone conductive audio out for the Glass project even if the earphones can perform such task? It’s simple, as Google Glass is going to be used in usual day-to-day life and if a user uses earphones or earplugs then sound frequency might harm the diaphragm after a long usage. And user, while hearing sound from the Glass, unable to hear other sounds from the surroundings clearly. So which is the sole reason that Google is looking forward to bone conductive sound output for the Glass project.

Google Glass

We know there are still a number of questions came into your mind regarding Google Glass, one of the most strong and liable question is here that which operating system will be meant for the Glass and Will the Glass just be a complementary with the smartphones and tablets or Google will make it as a new product?

However, we don’t have such answers officially but a glimpse of Google Glass already shown by the company itself in the year 2012. The video glimpses the Glass project clearly and shows the project as a new innovation with compete different experience. User can use the Glass for navigation right on the way. The Glass can also shares the location and even check-ins using any Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, user can shoot video, perform video conference, take pictures and of course plays music with supposedly using a bone conductive speakers.

Watch out the trailer of Google Glass:

Well, we are living in a world which provides new technology in each and every new second, while smartphones and tablets are common, some technologies as Google Glass are still present only in the assumptions. After the arrival of Google Glass at FCC, we are pretty sure that the search giant will introduce the same in the near future, presume to be at Google I/O 2013. Stay tuned to know more on the Glass and share your views in the comment section below.

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