Google+ for Android and iOS updated with new features and redesigned UI

Google has recently updates the Google+ app for Android and iOS devices, the new app brings a bunch of new features along with the redesigned UI. The new Google+ app also bundled with a number of new image filters and picture editing options which enhances the picture sharing experience than ever before.

Google+ for Android

Google has acquired the popular picture enhancement service, Snapseed, times ago and the new Google+ app takes the advantage of the service in the new update. The new Google+ app for Android and iOS platform comes with new image filters, provided by Snapseed. The new filters give all the basic options including rotate and crop for editing the pictures, along with new filters such as Drama and Retrolux provides a new feel to the uploaded pictures on the social platform. Beside new filters, there are some other options also available to enhance the pictures. The new options adjust saturation, contrast, brightness of an image right from the Google+ app.

Along with the new picture enhancements, the new Google+ app also brings a redesigned UI with new additions in the social stream. The new app provides an option to tap on a video, photo or link attachments to get into a watch page, lightbox or website, right from the stream. Google has also enhances the image previews in the stream with more cropped images. Actions including +1, share and comment are now displayed more prominently in each post. A new option to swipe through photo albums inline is also included in the redesigned UI.


Google+ with new features and redesigned UI

Google has also provide new options to manage communities right from any Android or iOS running device, which was earlier only possible from desktop. The new additions for manage communities including ability to adjust the volume of community posts in the Home stream and option to invite people to a community, or reshare items with a community. The new app also brings a couple of new options for community managers. Community managers can now use member search, content moderation, and report, remove and ban the members right from the Google+ app for Android and iOS devices.

The new Google+ app for Android and iOS devices is rolling out at the respective stores. Android users can now download the new Google+ app by visiting Google Play Store, on the other hand, iOS users can now experience new features by downloading the app through Apple App Store.

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