Google Chrome beta for Android smartphones and tablets releases

Google Chrome beta for Android smartphones and tablets releases

Google has now released a beta version for their popular Chrome web browser. Google Chrome Beta version web browser already available for the Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS platform and now the search giant is moving towards the popular mobile platform for their Chrome beta releases. Now Android 4.0 and above users can also enjoy some latest features on their smartphones and tablets using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome beta

As the programmers and developers already knew that the beta version is the initial development testing version of any app which come with several new features and of course with new bugs. The beta version Google Chrome feature more speed, security and other valuable improvements.

Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta now available for Android

The latest release in the Chrome beta version come with improved Octane benchmark performance on average by 25 to 30 percent. Google also new HTML5 features for developers such as CSS Filters which provides CSS short coding panel right on the web browser. Well, these are some examples of newly added features in the beta version Chrome app for Android platform, however, Google developers will of course adds some more feature from time to time in the testing version.

All the Android 4.0 and above smartphones and tablets users can now download the Google Chrome beta by going through the Play Store. Of course the final version is also available separately for Android platform.

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