Google Cardboard Camera debuts on iOS to let you capture 360-degree shots

Google Cardboard Camera debuts on iOS to let you capture 360-degree shots

Months after its exclusive presence on Android, Google has now finally released its Cardboard Camera app on iOS. The app is aimed to offer you the same ability to capture 360-degree photos from your iPhone that was arrived onĀ Android devices back in December.

Google Cardboard Camera takes three-dimensional panoramas to produce VR (virtual reality) photos. As these photos have a 360-degree view, near things virtually look near and far things look far. You can also hear sound recorded to get a real life-like experience through your iPhone.

Google Cardboard Camera app on iOS

Google Cardboard Camera app now on iOS

“VR photos taken with Cardboard Camera are three-dimensional panoramas that can transport you right back to the moment,” writes Carlos Hernandez, software engineer at Google, in a blog post.

Similar to its Android counterpart, the Cardboard Camera app lets you take 3D 360-degree views just by turning around your iPhone. You need to hold the phone tight as the action would get blurred if you shake the device while capturing precious moments.

Share VR photos on the go

In addition to the release of its iOS version, Google has upgraded the original Cardboard Camera with a sharing feature. This means that you can now share your VR photos with friends and family using either your iPhone or an Android smartphone.

You need to select multiple photos to create a virtual photo album. After that, tap the share icon and then the app will generate a link that can be emailed, messaged or even posted in apps and on the web.

Your friends and family members can enjoy your VR photos on a VR headset. Alternatively, they can use the affordable option like Google Cardboard to get the immersive experience.

Google Cardboard Camera for iOS is now available for free download through Apple App Store. The app is 102MB in size and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on at least iOS 8.0.

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