Google acquires Waze to widen mapping services

Google acquires Waze to widen mapping services

Google Inc. has recently announced the acquisition of the popular Israeli social navigation Waze. The acquisition deal is worth $1 billion in cash and additionally, $100 million payouts in cash and stock to the Waze staff.

Google and Waze deal

Google acquires Waze to enhance Google Maps

On the acquisition, Google and Waze has declared that both the concerns will work separately. Waze team will operate the real-time mapping service from their existing site in Israel and it is also expected that the Waze app for multiple platforms will remain available the respective app stores.

Google, on the other side acquired Waze to widen its mapping service. Waze is popularly known as a social network for real-time navigation with traffic alerts but Google Maps are not a source for accurate traffic alerts during navigation. With acquiring Waze, Google will able to integrate the same social network for traffic alerts within Google Maps. This step will make Google Maps the leader among competition and over 50 million Waze users will provide a new face to the renowned mapping service.

One of the core team member in the acquisition process and Waze Chief Executive Noam Bardin has stated in a blogpost that Waze team just wanted to work on the existing pattern and decided to keep themselves away from the weird process of initial public offering.

In the blogpost, Noam Bardin said;

“Choosing the path of an IPO often shifts attention to bankers, lawyers and the happiness of Wall Street, and we decided we’d rather spend our time with you, the Waze community. Google is committed to help us achieve our common goal and provide us with the independence and resources we need to succeed.”

Some analysts are commenting that Google has acquired Waze to make its mapping service better than the rivals. Earlier it was also buzzed that some big players having eyes on Waze, so Google has taken a step ahead to acquire the service in its own hands. With the acquisition, Waze users will like to use Google Maps and Google has also announced that Google Maps team will work with Waze community to enhance the productivity.

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