Google acquires iOS app prototypes tool maker RelativeWave

Google acquires iOS app prototypes tool maker RelativeWave

Google has acquired RelativeWave, the startup behind Form which provides developers native prototypes for their iOS apps.

RelativeWave made the announcement about the acquisition through a blog post which states that its team will now join Google to continue the development of Form. The company with just six employees is aiming to provide its prototypes tool in the hands of “as many people as possible” and the acquisition is the first step towards the same direction.

As a result of the acquisition, Form app, which was originally released for $150, is now available for free on Apple App Store.

Though both the companies have not announced details about their deal but there is an expectancy that the acquisition would result the release of Form for Android to provide a similar tool to Google’s developer community.

Form was initially released under beta and went public in September. This tool gives developers a platform to test their apps directly on an iOS device with full access to the hardware and sensors.

To please the existing Form users, RelativeWave is giving full refund after getting an email request through the support team.

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