Gmail now lets users send emails to Google+ contacts

Gmail now lets users send emails to Google+ contacts

Google has announced an update to its mail client Gmail which integrates Google+ contacts to send emails without even using their actual email addresses. The new feature provides Google+ profiles directly in the auto-complete address bar when users compose a new email in Gmail.

Gmail Google plus contacts

Gmail gets Google+ contacts in the auto-complete address bar

Earlier email addresses are required, after composing an email, to send the email to the contacts but now, the new integration between Gmail and Google+ has made the things easier. Now users just have to add a Google+ contact in the address bar to send an email through Gmail. As Google+ required a Google account, the emails will be sent to the same account, directly to the Gmail inbox.

To add a bit of security in the integration, Google has stated that only those Google+ contacts will be shown in the auto-complete address bar of Gmail who have sent emails to the user, and vice versa. Besides, an option is also added in Gmail which allows users to switch the settings through which they receive emails only from people they have added to their networks of friends or even switch to no one.

If an email is received by a Google+ contact in circles, it will appear in the Primary category of Gmail inbox, otherwise it will be filtered to Social category of the inbox.

The new feature will be rolling out over the next couple of days to everyone that uses Gmail and Google+. The users will get an email with information and a link to the setting when the feature is available.

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