GE Link smart LED bulb can communicate with smart devices

GE Link smart LED bulb can communicate with smart devices

While everything that we use in our daily life is now becoming smarter, commonly used electrical devices in the form of bulbs and lamps are yet to receive smartness at a mass level. But GE, the company founded by inventor Thomas Edison, has introduced its Link smart LED bulb that communicates with smart devices like smartphones and tablets. The bulb will be available with a price under $15 to completely change the household lighting system with a smart and affordable solution.

GE smart LED bulb

GE introduces Link smart LED bulb

GE explains that the Link smart LED bulb features a chip that can wirelessly connect to the Internet and communicate with the smart devices after installing a mobile app called Wink. The app serves as a remote control for controlling the connected bulb.

With the Link bulb, users can easily turn lights on and off when they are at work or on vacation, or can also customise a room’s lighting right from their smartphones or tablets. In addition, users can adjust settings according to their sleep and wake up transitions.

The Link bulb will be available with a starting price of under $15 and will hit stores in three variants – a 60-watt LED bulb for table and floor lamps, an indoor LED floodlight, and a combination indoor and outdoor spotlight LED.

GE has partnered with Quirky, the developer behind Wink app, to provide app compatibility with its connected LED bulb. The Link bulb will be available through Wink distribution network starting this fall. We expect that the company will be interest to sell its affordable smart bulb in emerging markets like India as well.

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