Game Review: Jetpack Joyride for Android and iOS

Game Review: Jetpack Joyride for Android and iOS

Jetpack Joyride is developed by the makers of famous Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick. As the early game Fruit Ninja made on the single touch pattern, the developers taken the same pattern with the Jetpack Joyride but the game takes to the whole new world. Jetpack Joyride is a mixture of a puzzle, action and entertainment game but all the things lies behind the ‘Jetpack’. We have already seen several games based on the same pattern of single touch play but there is something different in the Jetpack Joyride that impress us to review it, let’s see what it is.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride is a mix-and-match of action, puzzle, racing and entertainment, we’re unable to find a single word for the game, but of course playing such game will give you full enjoyment in a single package. The storyline of the game is based on a character named ‘Barry Steakfries’ who was sadly roaming on the street and all of a sudden came to a secret laboratory, after that got a ‘Jetpack’ from that secret laboratory and what’s next? The main game starts.

Jetpack Joyride review

Jetpack Joyride’s main character, Barry Steakfries

The player has to touch on the screen to make the character jump, just a single touch starts the jetpack and Barry starts flying high in the laboratory. The player has to collect the coins from different areas and also try to save the character from being captured by the zappers in the laboratory, because after getting in touch by the zappers, the game overs.

Jetpack Joyride review

collect the coins from different locations

When the jetpack starts and the character flies, laboratory workers walking below dead due to the heat of the jetpack. Jetpack Joyride has some kind of trade too, the player has to collect the coins during playing the game and these coins can be exchanged with some items available in the store named as the Stash. Stash has some items for the character as clothing, jetpacks and even the player can purchase some coins by paying actual money.

Jetpack Joyride review

Jetpack Joyride, the Stash

The player can choose missions, upload scores and even share the scores with friends. There are many missions in the game and every single time the player can view three next missions. When the character going through some parts of the laboratory, on some places, some unique vehicles are placed and when the character started using the vehicle the speed increases and even the character saves himself from the zapper.

Jetpack Joyride review

Get some amazing and unique vehicles

But the zapper destroys the vehicle, although the character safely come out of it. The player can also get some vehicles and upgrade the vehicle just by going through the Stash.

Jetpack Joyride review

Use vehicles to collect coins and to hit the workers at laboratory

As the character moves to some distance in the laboratory, the level of difficulty increases. After passing some distance, some more obstacles take place on the way, some bullets come with a warning, sometimes the zapper moves round and round to increase more difficulty. Overall the gameplay is good, any newbie can easily play the game.


Jetpack Joyride is a single touch, entertainment game, so graphics are accordingly nice. From the beginning of the game, when the character, Barry Steakfries enters in the laboratory, the gate blows up, well the graphics are so realistic at that stage. And when the character moves, zapper lightened, jetpack starts and bullet fires all works fluently. The overall visual effects are quite nice, however not a HD game but viewing of the game on large display iPad seems to be perfect. But the game is not available on low-budget Androids due to its high graphics, well, you have to get a good mid-range or high-end Android to play the game. Moving towards the sound and music department, we just want to give full ten on ten, because the game has amazing music during the time when game starts and when the character comes into the laboratory full blow up sound comes up, even blows into your ears when the volume is full!

Jetpack Joyride review

Gate blows in the beginning with high sound effect

The main thing that makes this game a perfect entertainment game is the sound effects, as the character moves the music moves and sound from the jetpack is realistic. We can say that the Jetpack Joyride gives you joy through the music and sound effects too. The music and sound won’t make you bored while playing the game for several hours and you’ll enjoy the music. The sound and visual effects are perfect in the Jetpack Joyride.

Have a look at the official trailer of Jetpack Joyride:


Jetpack Joyride is one of that which entertains you on the move. Whether you are on the way, alone at home or waiting for someone, the game is perfect to be partner of yours at all the times. Sound and visualization is amazing that the player of any age group likes the game and started playing the game enthusiastically. The single-touch operation of the game make it more easy-to-play for everyone. Well, talking about the lags, we haven’t found any lag on Android as well as on iOS platform but of course the game is not available for the low-range Androids, so this thing disappoints some users. The main thing that makes Android and iOS users more happy is that the game is available for free at the app stores.

Rating: 4/5

What’s Good

Easy Gameplay, Free availability, VFX and SFX.

What’s Bad

Not available on low-end Androids.

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