Game Review: Bad Piggies for Android and iOS

Game Review: Bad Piggies for Android and iOS

Bad Piggies is one of the most popular game developed by Rovio, famous Angry Birds developers. The game is not same as the classic Angry Birds but in some places adopted the same pattern of the classic game in terms of some graphics and in some site location scenes, the game also reminds us Amazing Alex when using some tricks to play the game. The all new Bad Piggies is actually a mix-and-match game with the combination of a tricky technical and entertainment game. The game doesn’t based on such high real-life story but the characters in the game makes it enjoyable in your day-to-day life of course. We were much excited from the day Rovio launches the game and today we are going take a full review of the Bad Piggies, So are you ready to be in the pigs world?

Bad Piggies review

Bad Piggies


Bad Piggies, as the name suggests, centrally based on pigs which were come from the Angry Birds world, yes the pigs are the same but the storyline is wholly changed. The pigs tried to get the eggs of the birds and for that they started make some plans. But soon after their plans blow off and the pigs become sad. Now they want to get the plans back and for that player have to make some vehicles, use some techniques to make the pigs able to get their plans back. Well the concept is interesting and completely different from all such entertainment games. Now look at the gameplay.

Bad Piggies review

Bad Piggies storyline


As we know the main characters in the Bad Piggies are the pigs which came from the world of Angry Birds, there are all such TNT explosions, mountains, hills and places as we have seen in the original Angry Birds but the gameplay is completely different.

Bad Piggies review

Bad Piggies starts!

Now the player have to help the pigs by creating some vehicles and using some tricks in that way, so the pigs able to get their plans back which were blows by the wind and gone to some isolate places.

Bad Piggies review

Construction of vehicles with the given components

Overall the scenes are based on beaches and mountainous areas, player have to use tricks to send the pigs to the place where there plans are gone. On the slops, player has to use wheels so that the pigs easily crawl while on the top hills, a rocket, soda bottle or balloons works perfectly.

Bad Piggies review

Pigs drove down from the hills

For helping the pigs, there are a lot of things, such as wooden boxes, balloons, TNT explosives, umbrellas and even more interesting, there are soda bottles and bellows which helps in making the pigs fly in the air. If the pigs are need to be fly high, the game has fans and rockets for the action in some levels.

Bad Piggies review

Use TNT explosives for the explosions

The initial levels are full of ease, player just has to use some common sense to get the plan for the pigs but as the level increases, the difficulty increases and some levels are become much tough for the newbie. For the help, Bad Piggies has a guide too, which presents all the time on the top of the screen. A complete book-like guide has all the direction on how to use the things in the game and there operations.

Bad Piggies review

Guide during the game for help

When using some mechanical devices as fans, rockets or even bellows, there is one switch comes to the bottom of the screen and pressing that switch start the mechanics. The achievement in Bad Piggies is based on the total time taken in completing each level, on the basis of time, stars are given. Also there are some places in some levels where stars are kept and player have to use the skills to get that star as well before getting the plan.

Bad Piggies

Achieve stars for faster time and unlock some new levels

There are three chapters in the game as; ‘Ground Hog Day’ where the pigs moves only on the ground surface, ‘When Pigs Fly’ where the player has to use balloons and other flying components to make the pigs fly in the air, the last one is ‘Sand Box’ which unlocks after getting some achievements and there is no plan, player just has to make the structure for the pigs in that way so that all the stars can be collected. The Sand Box is also have three chapters, two are the same, ‘Ground Hog Day’, ‘When Pigs Fly’ and there is a new ‘Find The Skulls’ in which the player have to find the skulls from the ground.

Bad Piggies review

Three chapters in the game, more coming soon!

Overall playing the Bad Piggies is a skillful task and the gameplay is wholly based on the physics, using of motor, fan, bellow or a rocket all are sometimes become as challenging as rocket-science! But the built-in guide sometime works like a charm when the mechanics fail. There is an option as well to heir a piggie mechanic, but it costs some actual amount. Overall, the gameplay is good, tricky and technical but enjoyable. A person belongs to any age-group can play Bad Piggies but usage of trick and technical skill is mandatory for the game.


Bad Piggies is developed by the famous Angry Birds developers, Rovio. So, graphics are good of course, no lag at all. The animations and visual effects are perfect. The designing of the pigs, places, components are same as on the Angry Birds. Graphics are not having much high-definition but the game is not developed for devices having low resolution and low specs. Graphics of rocket launches, soda bottles blows up, reminds us the classic cartoons.

Bad Piggies review

Bad Piggies, good graphics and nice SFX

Coming to the sound effects, music in the beginning is quite good and considering the gameplay and the sound effects during the game is nice, neither high nor low. But remember, there is no such iconic tune as in the Angry Birds. Of course, the sound and music of Bad Piggies is unique and natural, suits the gameplay. The sound of pigs, soda pop-up, fan, motor, are much realistic and loud enough. Overall the sound department works nicely in the game and soothes to the ears at the time when a player plays the game in isolate environment. Graphics and visual effects are quiet good as well.

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Bad Piggies is one of the most technical game we have ever seen in the entertainment gaming category. But as we said, the game belongs to the entertainment category, which give players an enjoyable and interesting gameplay. Player, can be of any age-group, from a young kid to old grand pa but one thing remains common, anyone won’t get bored during playing the game. Bad Piggies is completely different from the earlier, popular, Angry Birds but some concepts similar to the second popular game by the developer, Amazing Alex. The game is not available on low-range Androids which have low resolution screen and low-speed processor, well this thing somehow disappoints us because such entertaining and tricky game should be available on all the devices as the Angry Birds and other popular games are available. We hope Rovio work on it and make it available on the low-range Android devices as well. Overall the game is a great package with many interesting techniques and tricks hidden in it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and starts play Bad Piggies.

Rating: 4/5

What’s Good

The concept, large list of components and free availability on Android platform.

What’s Bad

Difficulty increases a lot in the high levels and very technical for the newbies, not available on some low-end Android devices.

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