Game Review: Angry Birds Star Wars for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8

Game Review: Angry Birds Star Wars for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8

Angry Birds is now became a popular series in the world of gaming and the latest in the series, Angry Birds Star Wars is the leads in the series. Rovio of course gained such name as a game developer due to the Angry Birds title but the latest version of the series, Angry Birds Star Wars even enhances the name of the developer to the top. We know we have taken a bit of time in reviewing the game but no doubt the game has something which take such time in reviewing it deeply. As we know, the basic Angry Birds strategy, aim and shoot but the essence of Star Wars movie adds more entertainment while playing the game. From a small kid to the old granny, everyone will enjoy the essence and on the other side anyone can easily opt to play the game. So before praising more, let’s move towards the Star Wars galaxy!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars


Angry Birds basic storyline works here, birds are angry against the pigs but pigs and birds move to the new galaxy of Star Wars. Now birds are characterised as the residents of Rebel Alliance and pigs are now become a part of Galactic Empire. Entertainment of classic Angry Birds merge with the essence of Star Wars and the result is a perfect storyline and one of the most entertaining package in gaming. Pigs taken their places on the planet far away from the earth and birds regime to fight with the pigs. And the main aim of the fight is to get the galaxy free from the pigs.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars storyline


Gameplay is the same as on the classic Angry Birds with the new essence of Star Wars. Starting with the beginning, there are four planets and each planet consists of forty levels. Planets are same as shown in the Star Wars movie, named as Tatooine, Death Star, Hoth and Path of the Jedi.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars starts!

Of course, every planet feature a new environment and even more, the Death Star planet reminds us Angry Birds Space as the atmosphere is similar to the one developed in the Angry Birds Space. Tatooine as the name suggests, a desert planet with warm weather.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars Tatooine climate

Hoth is an icy planet and Jedi is full of trees and forest environment. Moving towards the main part, the birds and the pigs. In the starting levels, red bird comes up as Luke Skywalker. The bird now has more power as it come with lightsaber. Just by touching on the screen the Luke Skywalker attacks with the lightsaber on the pigs, slices the wood and even breaks the ice.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Luke Skywalker attacks using lightsaber

Pigs taken the faces of Empire characters and look like Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. After the Luke Skywalker, the black bird as Obi-Wan Kenobi come in the galaxy and blasts on all the pigs and objects.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi blasts on the Stormtroopers

The pigs also uses lesser-beams to attack on the birds but how can birds easily get defeated? Yes, the yellow bird turns as Han Solo bird and uses lesser-gun to attack on the pigs. The gun of Han Solo even destroys steel pipes and slices wood, really the savour for all the birds!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Han Solo bird uses lesser gun

In the Tatooine planet only three birds come to fight with Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. Moving towards the next planet, Death Star, tiny little blue birds join the space atmosphere and characterised as Wedge Antilles. As we all now, simply by touching, single tiny bird splits into three birds, huh! But most of the time these birds are unable to attack hardly on the objects.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Wedge Antilles travel in a space jet in Death Star planet!

Going to the Hoth planet, well we are shivering in the cold temperature of the planet but birds and pigs warms with their entertaining way of attack on each other. TNT boxes are kept below the wood construction and what next, a new bird, most awaited, Princess Leia joins the war.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Princess Leia joins in the Hoth planet

Princess Leia attacks on the pigs using her special power rips bits and pieces of structures out-of-place and even allows to destabilize towering structures. ATs-ATs joins from the pigs side and even attacks on the birds by the command of pigs. In all the three planets, Chewbacca and R2D2 also helps in defeating the pigs.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Pricess Leia uses special power to destruct the towers

And at last till now, the Path of Jedi comes up after defeating all the hurdles and of course the pigs. The Jedi world consists all the birds and the pigs are also secured inside the wood stacks and planks. Beside all this, there is a Falcon also present after getting a number of stars and Falcon gets activated when touch on the icon placed on the top-left.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Falcon comes up to destroy all the wood stacks and planks

After being activated the bird on the slingshot become C-3PO which set an aim and falcon comes in the planet and destruct all the structures using lesser-shots. Overall, the gameplay is much interesting and takes the gamer to the fantasy world of Star Wars that even spending hours does not feel any fatigue.

 VFX and SFX

Angry Birds Star Wars are developed by Rovio and of course the graphic developers are great at Rovio. From the starting, Angry Birds Star Wars uses same classic Angry Birds starting with an essence of Star Wars. Graphics are same as found on the earlier version Angry Birds games but theme is undoubtedly shifts to Star Wars movie. We have tested the game on the retina display of the iPhone 5 and game optimised for the 4-inch screen as well. Well, overall the graphic performance of the Star Wars designed Angry Birds is perfect without any lag and glitches.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars with nice graphics and entertaining sound

Moving towards the sound effects (SFX), Angry Birds always make such sound effects that stays in the gamer mind even when the game is over or the gamer is away from the game. And the same technique applies with the Angry Birds Star Wars version as well, though this time the sound is influenced by the Star Wars movie and sounds as a royal game from the beginning levels. The oink sound by pigs become more louder in the Star Wars galaxy and on the other hand, birds sound also arises. Music in-between the gameplay is almost mute as only the birds laugh or cry and pigs oink. Overall the sound effects are good enough and coordinates with the Star Wars theme nicely.

Watch official Angry Birds Star Wars trailer:


Angry Birds Star Wars is one of the most entertaining game by Rovio and being its availability on all the major platforms makes the game more popular. Anyone, belongs to any age-group can play the game and interestingly. playing the game won’t even bore you for hours and hours. Of course for all the Angry Birds lovers, the game is a good addition with new characters and theme but on the other hand, the game is a bit difficult than the classic Angry Birds or Angry Birds Space. If you are bored from the previous version Angry Birds series and want to get something fresh to play then Angry Birds Star Wars is just for you. So go ahead and start playing in the galaxy of Star Wars!


What’s Good

New theme dressed with new characters of Star Wars.

What’s Bad

Nothing much bad as it is much similar to the classic Angry Birds.

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