Game Review: Amazing Alex for Android and iOS

Game Review: Amazing Alex for Android and iOS

Amazing Alex developed by the Rovio Entertainment, makers of the popular Angry Birds. The Amazing Alex is a game combination of apparatus and puzzle. Rovio this time not just add entertainment in  the game, but also added some prudent judgment based pattern in the game.

Amazing Alex review

Amazing Alex


Amazing Alex is based on one player game pattern. In the game, there is one guy named as Alex wants to complete more and more projects and to make the projects completed, the player have to use its own ideas to create a working Rube Goldberg device. For completing the projects player have over 35 fully interactive objects, such as wooden platforms, balloons, tennis balls, etc. The player have to make the apparatus by the given objects in such way so that the whole apparatus work properly.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex, combination of apparatus and puzzle

There is a play/stop button on the top right, when the user completed the apparatus, just press the play button to start the apparatus, if the apparatus is not correct then player have to restart the game by pressing the stop button and the game restart but the position of the objects remain the same.

Amazing Alex

Using balloons, scissors and wood platform to achieve the stars

Now moving toward the levels, in the initial levels, the game gives guidelines on setting up the objects, in the initial stage, the apparatus is to be set in that way so that the ball reach to the basket and on the way there are three stars, player has to set the objects with keeping stars position in mind so that when the ball going through the passage it takes all the three stars. As levels increase guidelines reduce and balloons come up in the game with the pair of scissors, player has to use the balloon in that direction through which after taking the stars, balloon reach to the edge of scissors and pop out.

Amazing Alex locations and levels

Amazing Alex with several locations and levels

Amazing Alex has over 100 levels and all the levels packs in 4 locations as the Classroom, Backyard, Alex’s Bedroom and Treehouse, player can also built own levels after completing 100 levels, it’s a good option to play the game even after completed all the levels.


Amazing Alex is developed by Rovio, one of the finest team of game developers, so the graphics of the game is so nice and all the visual effects (VFX) are just perfect. The main character Alex is an imaginary character, sketched as a teenager.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex, decent VFX and SFX

The objects, locations and guidelines, all sketched fine and the animations in the game doesn’t even lag on the low-budget Androids having processor of 600MHz and the game runs smoothly even on the old Apple iPhone 3G. Animations such as bouncing of balls, balloon pop outs are just perfect. Audio effects are decent, during the play time the sound effects (SFX) almost become silent and during navigation the locations music triggers. Overall the sound and visualization is perfect.

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We have just one word to conclude Amazing Alex, amazing! Yes the game is just amazing it is a combination of puzzle as well as of an entertainment game. Levels are easy in the initial levels but become hard when moving on and on. The game doesn’t lag on any single device, we have tested it on several Androids even on the smartphones having much low hardware specifications and the game remains lag-free on the Apple iPhone 3G as well. People belongs to all age-groups can play this game easily and controls of the game is just effortless.

Rating: 4.5/5

What’s Good

Concept of Amazing Alex, VFX and SFX.

What’s Bad

Initially the gameplay is difficult for the newbies.

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Android (Free/Paid) | iOS (Standard/HD)

Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd.

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