FreeCharge app gets ‘Chat and Pay’ support to ease digital transactions

FreeCharge app gets ‘Chat and Pay’ support to ease digital transactions

FreeCharge has updated its app with ‘Chat and Pay’ support. The new addition is aimed to ease digital transactions between consumers and merchants.

Using the ‘Chat and Pay’ support, FreeCharge users can now connect with retailers and merchants within a few seconds. The new support also establishes a direct communication channel between multiple merchants to enable transactions upon a personal interaction.

“Payments are often social; they are in fact a very human interaction,” says Govind Rajan, COO, FreeCharge, in a statement. “Chat N Pay brings this human emotion to payments, making them deeply engaging. We are confident Chat N Pay will accelerate the adoption of digital payments.”

FreeCharge app has got a new interface that allows consumers and merchants to chat before completing any transaction. The interface enables person-to-person (P2P) as well as person-to-merchant (P2M) payments directly with a single tap.

Snapdeal-owned FreeCharge claims that the new support enables seamless chat and payment solution in less than five seconds, while merchants can accept the payments digitally in about a minute time. Also, the company is in plans to let merchants upgrade their payment limits of Rs. 10,000 with a necessary KYC verification.

Technically, the new support is just an extension to what Snapdeal introduced with its Shopo app last year. But unlike Shopo, FreeCharge also provides an option to make payments directly from the chat screen. This appears to be a competitive move against Paytm, MobikWik and other mobile wallet apps.

You can look for the ‘Chat and Pay’ addition on your FreeCharge for Android app today. But its arrival on iOS and Windows will take few more weeks.

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