Flipkart app surpasses 50 million installs on Google Play Store

Flipkart app surpasses 50 million installs on Google Play Store

Flipkart has announced that its Android app has become the first app in India to cross the mark of 50 million installs on Google Play Store. The new number emerged in the first week of February.

A report by SimilarWeb recently ranked Flipkart as the leading mobile commerce player in India. The report revealed that the Flipkart had captured 47 percent of visits share in December 2015, and the its traffic combined with Myntra was stood at 63 percent.

“The Flipkart app, which is also the highest rated Indian shopping app on Google Play, is the first Indian app across all genres including popular ones like communication, social, entertainment, to cross the 50 million install benchmark,” Flipkart says in a press statement.

Flipkart app

Flipkart app becomes the “first Indian app” to cross the mark of 50 million installs

Citing a Morgan Stanley report on e-commerce in India for 2016, Flipkart claims that it comes as the “undisputed number one” company with a market share of 45 percent. This is equivalent to the combined market share of the next three players, namely Snapdeal, Amazon and Paytm. Moreover, the report mentions that Flipkart “is the only e-commerce company” to result an increase in market share between 2015-16.

The Flipkart app has features like Ping and Image search to take on the competition. Also, the e-commerce company offers services such as a-Day Guarantee, Same-Day Guarantee that distinguishes its presence in the market.

Bengaluru-based Flipkart currently has a registered customer base of 50 million that help capture the market share of 60 percent in the mobile commerce space. The company has more than 30 million products across over 70 categories on its online marketplace.

Online shoppers to reach 320 million in 2020

The Indian e-commerce market is presently mobile-led with nearly 70 percent of traffic coming from smartphones and tablet devices. The 2016 Morgan Stanley report predicts internet penetration to double by 2020 and the number of total online shoppers to reach the 320 million mark.

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