Facebook to unveil redesigned News Feed on March 7th

Facebook to unveil redesigned News Feed on March 7th

Facebook is all set to introduce a redesigned News Feed on March 7th, the social networking giant is holding an event at their headquarters in California for the media persons to unveil the new News Feed. Facebook, even being a social-networking site, got enormous number of modifications and redesigns but the Facebook core team members are working hard to get more popularity each time and it is the reason they try new makeovers to improve the user experience.


Get ready for a new News Feed!

Though the event invite does not have much details to explain about the redesigning of the News Feed but according to some recent buzzes, the new News Feed would have an option to view feeds according to the subjects of the pages that users may have ‘liked’ previously. The new section is likely to be coined as ‘Recent Articles about’.

Facebook News Feed got its major update in the year 2011, during the month of September. The change was to provide new stories of the friends on to the feeds of the users. After that, the social networking giant added the support of sorting the feeds in the form of recent stories and highlighted stories, the News Feed also got a button as ‘Sort’ for sorting the feeds accordingly.

Interestingly, Facebook is going to hold a second event, after the launching of Graph Search in the month on January, during the year 2013. But unlike Graph Search, the new News Feed supposedly gain more popularity globally.

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