Facebook starts charging for sending messages, $100 charge to message Zuckerberg

Facebook starts charging for sending messages, $100 charge to message Zuckerberg

Next time if you message any unknown person of Facebook then you would have to lose your pocket as the social giant starts charging for sending messages. Yes, recently renowned social networking site, Facebook started taking money for sending messages and not $1 or $10, in fact $100 per message.

Facebook Founder

According to a recent research by Mashable, shows that Facebook taking $100 as a charge for sending message to the founder, Mark Zuckerberg. And spending $100 will send the message directly to the ‘real’ Inbox of Zuckerberg otherwise the message will be posted to the ‘other’ folder.

Facebook message charges, mashable

Facebook charges for sending messages, says Mashable

The report by the website also states that the $100 charge is demanded when folks tested with multiple accounts which are not in the list of over 16 million followers of the founder.

Facebook message charges

No charges demanded for sending messages to Zuckerberg when we tested

But on contrary, we have also perform the same test and no charge was demanded by Facebook side for sending the messages to Zuckerberg. It gives a hint that the social networking site is testing a new upcoming feature to taking charges for sending messages, however, this feature would just be an option not mandatory with all the accounts available on the networking site.

Earlier, in the last month of the last year, Facebook started testing a new option of taking a one-time fee of $1 charge for sending a message to an unknown user’s inbox on the network, who they are not friends of each other on the network. And now the option of taking charge may be all set to be implemented. So are you ready to spend your precious pennies for sending a message to an unknown person?

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