Facebook Messenger starts saving your data

Facebook Messenger starts saving your data

Continuing the trend to enhance the user experience, Facebook Messenger is now testing a native feature that aims to save your data consumption. This new development is initially making way to Android devices.

An updated Facebook Messenger (version package includes an option called ‘Data Saver’ to reduce cellular data consumption. The built-in mode, once activated, restricts downloading of images and videos in your chat. You can get them visible on the app with just one tap, though.

Facebook Messenger data saver

Facebook Messenger with Data Saver option (Image: AndroidPolice)

It is worth noting that the feature works only when you’re connected to a cellular network. This means you won’t notice any difference if your device is using a Wi-Fi profile, and the Messenger app will continue to download media content.

Counter to estimate data saving

The data saving option is available under the settings menu of the latest Facebook Messenger app for Android. It also comes with a counter to show estimated mobile data saved through the fresh offering.

As noted by Android Police, Facebook Messenger is presently testing the option to save cellular data, and thus, it yet to be available to the masses. However, you can keep an eye on Google Play store to get the newest experience.

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