Facebook Messenger gets Spotify integration to let you share music in your chats

Facebook Messenger gets Spotify integration to let you share music in your chats

Facebook Messenger has integrated Spotify to let you share some of your favourite songs and compositions with your friends right in your chats. The new update is rolling out for all iOS and Android users worldwide.

With the new development, Facebook allows its millions of Messenger users to use the built-in Spotify access to share their favourite music tracks with friends. Spotify option is hidden under the ‘More’ menu of your chat thread. You need to tap that option, and if Spotify app is already installed on your device, it will directly bring out your favourite content on the screen.

Facebook Messenger Spotify

Facebook Messenger now with Spotify access

After that, you just have to tap on the picture of a music content in Spotify app to share it with your friends on Messenger. The integration allows you to either send a song or a playlist. Further, there is a special playlist that the Messenger team has created to offer you a preset song collection.

If you don’t have Spotify on your device, you’ll be taken to Google Play Store or Apple App Store right from the Spotify option in your Messenger.

Not for India

Facebook is providing the new update for all its users. But Spotify access is presently limited. For instance, the integration is of no use in India as Spotify is yet to open its field for Indian users.

The new update doesn’t mean that users weren’t previously able to share music content with their Messenger friends. Spotify app already has the option to send song links to friends via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

A strategic move

Nevertheless, the new change emerged as a strategic partnership between Facebook and Spotify to expand their user bases. It would also encourage more Messenger users to download Spotify app on their Android and iOS devices, and help Spotify grow bigger against Apple Music.

In March last year, Facebook’s team under David Marcus transformed Messenger into a standalone platform for third-party apps. This was appeared to be a move to expand the presence of Messenger in the world of instant messaging and chat apps. Since then, it received some notable changes; starting from Uber access to money transfer feature. And the new update is also one such change.

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