Facebook Messenger brings voice messaging for Android and iOS, VoIP in testing

Facebook recently updates Messenger app for Android and iOS platform, the new update brings voice messaging feature to the standalone app. The social networking giant is also testing VoIP with the app for iOS platform. Along with voice messaging, the new Messenger app also come with capabilities to send photos, smileys and even to capture and send photos right from the app.

Facebook Messenger

Users can now easily send voice messages instead of sending text messages to their loved ones. And beside voice messaging feature, Facebook adds a new plus ‘+’ button next to the text field which brings a bunch of new options as sending photos, smileys and even an option to capture and send photos from the app. The new Messenger app also fixes several bugs and improves the usability of the app with several devices.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger screenshot

Facebook is also testing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service right with the application for the iOS platform. The VoIP feature will add an ability as free voice calling using data plan right from the Messenger app. The feature is in testing mode and the social networking giant will add the feature with the Messenger app in the near future.

The VoIP service with Messenger is now available for the iOS platform and the free voice calling feature using 3G or Wi-Fi data connection is now available in Canada. However, we are pretty sure that the free voice calling feature will be soon available for the Android platform as well.

The new updated Messenger app for Android platform is now available on Google Play Store, on the other hand, Apple iDevices users can update the app by going through Apple App Store.

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