Facebook Messenger on Android gets Material Design treatment

Facebook Messenger on Android gets Material Design treatment

Facebook has opted Material Design to tweak its Messenger app for Android devices. The updated Facebook Messenger with Material Design elements is already started rolling out for worldwide users.

Facebook’s Messenger chief David Marcus revealed the new update in a Facebook post. “Any major redesign of an essential app used by hundreds of millions of people around the world is painstakingly hard, and that’s why we took every precaution to ensure you’d truly enjoy this evolution,” the post reads.

Using Google’s Material Design aesthetics, the updated Messenger app has a blue-colored navigation bar at the top and bottom bar has been replaced with a floating action button. The single button allows you to type a new message or make a new call to your Facebook contacts.

Facebook Messenger Android with Material Design

Facebook Messenger for Android now with Material Design elements

Facebook hasn’t added any new noticeable change to the updated Messenger. But the tweaks in its overall design are enough to deliver you a fresh experience.

If you aren’t aware, Material Design was first debuted on Android Lollipop operating system in October 2014. Since then, many publishers updated their apps with the new standard.

The launch of the new design standard was aimed to unify the design of major Android apps with the stock interface. Google developed guidelines for animation, bold fonts and vivid colors to enhance user experience.

You can check all the new design tweaks on the updated Facebook Messenger by installing its latest version from Google Play Store.

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