Facebook introduces ‘Shared Photo Albums’ to share album access

Facebook introduces ‘Shared Photo Albums’ to share album access

Social Networking giant Facebook is now taking a step to widen photo sharing capability within the network. In this regard, Facebook introduced ‘Shared Photo Albums’ which will allow to share the access of albums among multiple contributors.

Facebook Shared Photo Albums

Facebook introduces Shared Photo Albums! (Image: Mashable)

Mashable reported that Facebook has recently announced Share Photo Albums feature. The Share Photo Albums feature will provide a support to share the access of albums among users. With the new sharing feature, the creator of an album will able to share the access of the album with up to 50 contributors. Each of these contributors will have an option to share up to 200 photos which will enhance the current upload limit of an album within the social network, from 1,000 photos to 10,000 photos.

With the all new Shared Photo Albums feature, users will have three privacy settings, for the shared albums, as public, friends of contributors and contributors only. Album creators will able to allow contributors to invite others to the album for adding more photos. The album creator will also have the access to delete or modify photos in the album, on the other side, contributors will edit their uploaded photos.

Facebook was reportedly started working on Shared Photo Albums feature during one of the hackathons session. After being out of the plans, Facebook circled the feature among its employees for testing.

The Shared Photo Albums feature is started rolling out among a small number of users with US English. In the coming days, the feature will be available across all the users.

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