Facebook Groups app released to provide all groups under one roof

Facebook Groups app released to provide all groups under one roof

Facebook has announced that it has released a standalone Facebook Groups app to make it easy for the users to access all their groups under one roof. The app is developed by Facebook’s Creative Labs team which has historical record of developing some creative new apps like Slingshot and Paper.

With Facebook Groups app, users can more easily get connected with all the groups that they have been added on the social network. This would give users a standalone place to reach all their group co-members, especially helpful for students and friends who more often use groups than any other Facebook users.

Facebook Groups app shows users all their groups on a single page but most frequently accessed groups available on the top. Users can quickly move between each group and can even start a new group right from the app, simply by tapping Create button from the bottom-right of the screen.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups app

New group that users want to create from the app can be selected as a family, close friends, class, teammates, neighbours, for sale or a custom group.

The app also provides users an ability to track notifications from all their groups and they can also control that which notifications they want to see.

In addition, Facebook has also provided a Discover tab on the app which suggests users groups based on the Facebook pages they have liked, groups their friends are in and where they live.

Facebook Groups app is available on Android and iOS across the global countries today.

The arrival of the standalone app does not mean that users no longer be able to use Facebook Groups from the main Facebook app or through Web. In fact, Facebook team is working to improve the existence of groups on all those areas to give users an enhanced experience for using groups.

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