Facebook Graph Search now available for everyone using US English

Remembered Facebook Graph Search? Most of the people might not aware of Facebook Graph Search as it was earlier announced only for a small number users. Now Facebook has taken a step ahead and announced its Graph Search for all who are using Facebook in US English.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search now available for everyone using US English

Facebook Graph was announced back in January. The Graph Search was introduced by Facebook to compete Google, with in-depth searching support. Using Graph Search, users can search any of their query and in return Facebook will provide deep results. In simpler words, Facebook Graph Search enhances the usability of social network by providing accurate and deep search support.

Along with searching name of people or pages, users can now use simple phrases in Graph Search within the social network. As the Graph Search supports searching of phrases along with names and places, users can now search their queries in phrases such as, “My friends who live in my city,” “People from my hometown,” or more. Using the similar method of searching, users can search phrases to get photos, interests, friends or pages. Along with searching entities, Facebook Graph Search can also be used to search different places or recommendations.

To use Facebook Graph Search, users need to set their default language to US English by going through General Settings. After changing the language to US English, a new search bar will be available on the top which works for all the search queries.

In order to provide enhanced search results, Facebook has announced that it is starting to retire the settings through which users can hide their timeline, by selecting “who can look up my timeline by name?” Facebook team is also working to improve Graph Search with new features in the coming future including searching for posts, comments and mobile.

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