Facebook for Android Beta Testing Program introduced for all users

Facebook intent to make its app on Android platform more reliable and better for the end-users. With such aim, Facebook has introduced a beta testing program for its Android app.

Facebook for Android beta tester program

The main essence of Android is its openness than other mobile platforms but being an open-source platform, there are several distinguishable devices available in the market taking a support from Android openness to earn market shares. With different hardware specifications and enormous number of screen-sizes, it is difficult to develop a stable app which work smoothly on all Android devices. This the reason that Facebook has started its beta testing program for Android users.

Prior to the beta testing program, Facebook app for Android platform was tested by the employees and developers team at Facebook but that part was narrowed for testing an app which is used by millions of people across the globe in distinguished devices. Now Facebook has stepped up and call upon all its users to take a part in the beta testing program to test upcoming features right on their devices.

Users can now participate in the beta testing program by Facebook by joining Facebook for Android Beta Testers Google group. After this, users get an access to allow beta downloads by clicking on Become a Tester in the Play Store. As the users become tester, they’ll have to download beta version of Facebook app from the Play Store to test new features. Testing a beta app is not a child-play, there will be several instabilities that will solely bear by the users but Facebook has provided an option to report problems and give views on new features by joining Facebook for Android Beta Testers group on Facebook.

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